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April is near and so the celebration of Bengali New Year. No surprise like any other season, on this season of Pohela Boishakh , I had to dig on some new clothes for the most awaited festival. While I was wondering and confused what and which brand should I purchase this time, I spoke about this confusion with my cousin and he suggested me to find new brands online. While searching for new brands I was very impressed by Thanzil’s work and decided to meet this young fashion designer to know more about his initiatives and plans. Guess then what, Mr. Thanzil jony made his time for me and had a chat where he discussed about his brand named Thanzil.

Now, here are his answers when he was asked the following:

Thanzil Jony : Owner of Thanzil

What Fashion design means to you?

For me fashion design is a different world where not only one can bring change to their outfits but one can also develop individual personality. To deliver new things with creative ideas and thoughts. I take fashion design as an art. Bringing something new while following the trend and not disregarding any culture or norms is how I define fashion and implementing those work to real from imagination is all that fashion design means to me.

Tell us about the type of tasks a Fashion designer do? What are their duties?

A fashion designer must be creative oriented. Need to execute one task from the other at the same time. Should come up with new ideas. Following the current trend, need to pay attention to the development of fashion industry. On regard to the western world, traditional local outfits should be more produced. Need to focus on our cultural heritage so can move ahead to enrich and promote our rich culture to every places round the world.

Tell us about the life of a fashion design student? Discuss something about the projects from 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year.

Life in fashion design is a lot of fun. Whoever comes to study fashion design can enjoy his studies thoroughly. You can say it is like playing holi. Only outspread of colours. The 1st year usually deals with colours. All works are usually based on colours and learning art. It is seen that, those who could not draw enough well at the beginning, it becomes easier for them to grasp the drawing skill through the learning process. In the 2nd year, cutting and pattern learning is taught. This is very interesting and once you learn the tricks and terms of cutting, you would then eagerly look forward to make something out of it. During the 3rd year, stitching and sewing is instructed and by the end of the final year, all types of dress making and final pattern layout are instructed. It is quite difficult to realize the time being, when you are deeply into a work. Fashion is fun and learning something new every time is a great joy and even the classes are easy and fun to learn.


Why and where did you study fashion design?

My mother used to make Nakshi Katha from which I got inspired to work in fashion design field. I was a dance artist when I was a kid and even had learned acting. For this, I got the opportunity to visit some cities in country and abroad. But due to some personal reasons, I detached myself from this sector in 2014. In 2016, I got away from Sristy Academic School Tangail and got admission in Shanto Mariam University of Creative Technology. I was completely engrossed to my art and works during that time for which I had joined fashion school. After that, I devoted myself to be a freelancer designer. Due to this, within a very short period of time, I got the opportunity to meet several paper magazine and on TV footage. They all appreciated my work. I have worked in several great music videos and TV series. Many brands have even recommended me to work as a designer for their brands but I wanted to make something by my own and for this reason, I started my online boutique shop and named as Thanzil. I have bigger plans for my brand to flourish near the future and my dad is giving complete support on this.




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