Horn Hudai Bajay Vudai: An Artist’s Dream for a Better City


Mominur Rahman Royal is a graphic designer and an artist by profession. He has done his graduation on Fine Arts from UODA. He thinks, unnecessarily honking at each other in the road won’t bring anything and he started a movement to stop horn pollution for the last 4 years. He has been doing it with a campaign named “HORN HUDAI, BAJAI VUDAI” which literally means unwanted horn is produced by a stupid or short witted person. He is spending his own money to run this campaign in benefit of our society. He is one who dreams to make our Dhaka ‘a city of peace’ without producing any noise in it. However, he has many more aspiration to adorn the city and he is moving ahead with this vision. We are highly motivated by his uplifted attempt to create a noiseless city and therefore we talked with him.

How did you start this campaign and why?

I have been completed my study in Fine Arts. So, yes, naturally you can call me an artist. An artist has some social responsibilities. Out of that place of allegiance I have been decided that I should do something to stop unnecessary honking in the road. Suppose, we are talking somewhere; that might be at restaurant or at home, you will notice, there are always some sounds coming from outside. Even when we are in school, college, hospital and mosque we can hear the same noise there as well.

So, primarily, I choose to start the campaign “HORN HUDAI, BAJAY VUDAI” in facebook . My first and foremost motive is to prevent this troublesome noise pollution. My daughter’s age is only 8 month. It’s a bliss to have children in your life but to make them sleep is not easy task to do. After having her I realize it’s really hard to make her sleep. Except that, the place I live in is a residential area; so, I notice that she get shocked awfully with the sound of horn. When it horns in the road, it seems she get scared and is suffering from a phobia of horn. Then I think making campaign only on facebook is not enough may be then after printing that slogan to a banner I go on standing in the road. That is how, I do the campaign physically.

As you are a job holder so, how can you manage all these beside the job?

I have holidays on Friday and Saturday. So, normally I do my campaign just near to Dhanmondi 27. Except these two days If I can manage time I stand there with my banner. The campaign is not limited to Dhanmondi, we also stand in other areas of the city.

Did you find any other collaborator with you throughout the journey?

Yes, luckily there are some young guys who help me doing my campaign and stand there in the road holding my banner. Among them Noor, Noyon, Arman and there are few who really help me doing so.

What about the finance? How did you able to manage that? 

In this campaign we have stickers for cars and in motor bike’s helmet. We also have T-shirts. However, I am spending all the money definitely from my pocket. If anyone shows interest in investing finance they ask for benefits or they want to put their company’s logo in it. That’s why I am spending money by myself.

What type of response you are getting from mass ?

They are responding well. Traffic polices often express their deep gratitude while I stand in the road. They say, whenever I stand here with my banner it’s really appreciable that there are no one who horns in the road. Then, it feels that I am not failing, I am able to stop them from producing noise. I wish if I would able to outspread the campaign widely in Dhaka city it would be great. As I have already said that I am bearing all of it’s cost by myself so, for now to go for a big campaign is not that easy to me.

If you find any NGO or any other organizations are interested to grant you an amount of money for this particular purpose what will you do?

It would be really great and then I could do my campaign widely.

How did you develop this slogan?

My home town is in Jessore. As I am doing the campaign within Dhaka so I am using the colloquial language of the city. For example, ‘Hudai’ means ‘Unreasonably’ or ‘meaningless’ which make no sense at all and ‘Vudai’ means “ Dumb” or a very ‘dim-witted person’. So, I use these two words just to make some fun so that people can easily keep this slogan in their mind. Actually, it’s nothing but an attempt to make people cheer up with the slogan and make them laugh. That’s it. All the banners, T-shirts, we are using for the campaign are designed by me. Here, I choose to add yellow color just because it’s a color of brightness and people are easily get attracted through this color.

If it happens that people really get stopped themselves from making unnecessarily horn then what would you like to do?

I think I have many more things to do for my society. Without this one there are several campaigns which I wish to do but due to having lack of finance I am unable to promote those. It’s something like ‘throwing plastic in the roadside’; ‘not to use foot over bridge properly’ ‘spit out here and there in the road’ etc. These issues make me think a lot and I hope if I would get that opportunity to move ahead I would definitely do something great on those issues.

Actually, we should make our society livable for the upcoming generations. I think, If I teach our children how to cross the road carefully from their beginning it would be great. It’s really important to make our children understand about the rules and regulations while crossing road. They should know that it may harmful to make horn for no reason.

What do you think why people make that much horn and produce noise in our country?

There may have reasons behind it but in reply I will just say, Horn Hudai, Bajay Vudai. Surprisingly,I have been driven my bike for 1600 K.M till now without making any horn or producing any noise.


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