Student’s Project- June 2019: Lushai Heritage Village


The daughter of the present headman of Lushai aborigine has taken step to create the traditional village pattern of Lushai so that from this project the Bangladeshi will get an opportunity to know the life style, belief, living motto and culture of Lushai. This will also make another tourism site in Sajek valley. Again the Lushai of Sajek will get a working opportunity.
For the funding of the heritage village a portion will be designed for cottage which will also be the same pattern of Lushai village.

• Recognizing the footprint of Lushai
• Displaying the lifestyle of Lushai
• Recreating the village pattern of Lushai
• Making an income source for Lushai
• All the functions and programs will be based on Lushai believe, culture and life style.

Written by : Elora Azmi Dola


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