ABC of Graphic Design


Graphic design is a creative and systematic art with a purpose. It is also known as communication design. It is a practice of projecting ideas and plans with visual and textual content.

Graphic design may include images, words or graphics in a physical and virtual form. It can be used for books, exhibition design or as physical content of local or international newspapers and magazines.

We usually see two types of graphics – still and motion. Static graphics is a kind of graphic that is permanently fixed and does not have any motion. It is used in posters, banners and visiting cards. Motion graphics and videos are mostly used in industries.

There are two types of graphics according to the methods of designing- computer graphics and free hand or manual graphics. Computer graphics have widely been used since 90’s. Various softwares for graphics design have become quite popular in recent times. Freehand or Manual Graphics Design refers to the graphic designs are usually done manually.

Depending on the dimension, we can divide the graphics into two categories- 2D and 3D Graphics.

Graphic designs are popular for both commercial and private uses. Demands of graphic designers have increased in recent years. Various academic courses are available in universities and colleges across the globe.

Poster Design

The poster design is a well-known artwork. Posters are printed papers – wholly graphical or text- designed, to be pasted on walls or vertical surfaces to deliver messages to target people.

Poster design can be done through computer graphics or by manual graphics. There are several handy and popular software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and many others for poster designing. Also, Adobe InDesign is a another design software that has become popular for poster and broiler design.

Being a frequent material for advertisements, designs of posters have to be very catchy and attractive. The key advantage of computer graphics is- it saves time. Therefore, posters designed by computer are vastly used in commercial promotions.

Manual graphics, on the other hand, are used for posters and they are mainly made for cultural events, discussion meetings, public school events, protests and so on in a small number.

Manual Poster has gained enormous popularity and created byb using colourful papers, crayons, pencils, glitter and many other materials.


Billboard is a commercial but highly effective medium for commercial promotions of products or services. Advertising agencies or individuals rent a billboard space to display a product, photographed or in text form only.

However, for billboard design, the graphic designer has to be quite skilled and it requires high PC configuration. Photoshop and Illustrator are mostly used in Billboard design.

Signboards, banners and logos

Graphic design is a must when it comes to create Signboards for various businesses, shops and offices. An attractive signboard catches the eyes of customers or clients.

Logo of a company plays a key role for marketing and promotions of its products. Logos are mainly designed by computer graphics.

3D designs of wood, glass, metal by laser cutting machines are widely used as signboards, banners and logos. Photoshop and Illustrator are used for signboards, banners and logos.

Web Design

Web Designers create digital graphics, do not do any programming. They create graphics, typography, and images just like Graphic Design, by using World Wide Web.

Web Designers have to balance good design with speed and efficiency for a user-friendly website. There are three types of software- Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver and Meuse for Web Designing. Adobe Fireworks software is popularly for designing different sections of a website.

Card Design

Graphic design plays an important role while designing cards for various social events such as wedding, birthday or New Year. Also, there is no alternative of computer graphics for Visiting Cards.


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