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Anamorphosis : The Art of Anamorphic Illusion


My name is Ridwanul Masnun Ridun commonly called as Ridwan Ridun in short. I am involved in drawing anamorphic artworks. Most of the people are not familiar to the word named ‘anamorphic’. Now, here, I shall explain what anamorphic is all about.

Anamorphic means producing, relating, or marked by intentional distortion (as by unequal magnification along perpendicular axes) of an image. Literally, anamorphic art means a distorted image when is focused via a camera from an angle then the image will be looked like a 3D or a realistic tangible shape. It is also known as anamorphic illusion or anamorphosis. It can be also considered as an optical illusion.

There are some illusion art or anamorphic art museums in the world. Camera Obscura & World of Illusion, 3D Art Langkawi are mostly notable. I was not involved in art since my childhood and at a time I had no idea about doing anamorphic art. I was inspired looking at the artworks done by many world famous anamorphic artist named Ramon Bruin, Fredo, Alessandro Diddi and so many others. Anamorphic art is very famous in North America and Western European countries. It is usually done in streets and walls. Odeith is a prominent Portuguese anamorphic artist who usually draws anamorphic artworks in walls and streets. Anamorphic art is only seen at the streets and walls. Legendary anamorphic artists named Alessandro Diddi, Fredo and Ramon Bruin have represented anamorphic artworks through paperwork and became famous all over the world. They are considered as vanguard anamorphic artists for drawing on paper.

Indeed, art is not bound to any age. People of any age can be inspired to do art and they can represent themselves nationally and globally as well. I started doing anamorphic drawings in 2016. Since then, I have been doing anamorphic drawing as my passion.

I don’t copy other anamorphic artists’ artworks. Rather, I always try to conceptualise my artworks. I usually take long time to complete an artwork. Anamorphic art is literally not an easy task to do and it is quite calculative. Yet, it is very unique and popular all over the world.

My artworks have been published in many social media platforms in home and abroad. In reputed facebook pages and websites like Art & Photography, Graphicspedia, Arca Mexico, Design Contest, Amazing Architecture, Facts that will blow your mind, The Design Magazine, Camera Obscura & World of Illusions (Museum of optical illusion) and many other pages and websites have featured my artworks. Many social media platforms of Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Egypt, Korea, Russia, Nepal, USA, UK, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, , Serbia, Finland, UAE, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia have published my artworks.

In this art, a tom cat is holding a net and waiting eagerly to catch the bird just when the alarm bells. This technique is known as ‘folding cum anamorphic artwork’ and this technique is very famous in anamorphic art theory and practices.

I made this artwork a few weeks ago on 11”x7” art paper. At first, I had to fold the paper, the way I want. Then I used an angle using a camera and made a sketchy picture of a cat to make sure whether the cat was looking 3D or not. When the size was not up to the mark, I erased the wrong portion of the sketchy picture and tried to give it a correct shape. When the sketchy picture of the cat became ready, I started developing the image using various types of pencils. I used my own idea and sense to draw the shadow of the cat. Then the clock was easily drawn on the paper as a wall along with its shadow. It took nearly 5 to 6 hours for me to complete the artwork.

Our life is hard enough and unpredictable. We easily become depressed when the cruel reality defeats us, where art helps to console us on that time. Surely, art is a great way of survival. I am trying to make a bridge between illusion and reality through anamorphic art.





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