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Animation : Prospect in Bangladesh


I make animation to convey my opinions easily to people through my animation. Such as a writer, who depicts his stories or moments in his book.

Since my childhood, I loved cartoon and animation. I used to watch those animations with immense attention and always looked forward to draw those characters whenever I found a paper and pen around me.

There is an enormous possibility regard to animation in Bangladesh. In Bollywood or Hollywood, the type of animation movies are made and run in cinema halls, I believe very soon in Bangladesh, similar kind of animation movies would be made and would be broadcasted in cinema halls. It has already been started with the recent animation movie of Wahid Bin Raza’s ‘Surviving 71’. The teaser of the movie has been launched and shall be released in cinema halls soon. Moreover, in TV, Ads, commercials, use of animation is profound. So, I believe the future of animation sector in Bangladesh is incredible.

There are generally two types of animation such as 2d and 3d animation.
2d animation: 2d dimension is seen from two dimensions. To make 2d animation, one has to know drawing and illustrations. With ‘frame by frame drawing’, and ‘symbol system’ method, 2d animation is produced.

3d animation: 3d animation is seen from three dimensions, where animating is done. To which we can rotate as real objects. In 3d animation, at first, with the use of high or low poly, model is created and then texture is applied. After this, rigging animation is done.

If you want to learn animation, then you have to acknowledge 12 principals of animation well. Then you have to thoroughly observe the works of different animators. You can find a lot of lessons regarding animation in the internet. I run a YouTube channel called as ‘Mehedi’s cartoon and animation’, where I upload self made animations and tutorials. If anyone want to learn, they can easily learn or can get some ideas subject to animation.

As an animator, it is necessary to maintain a daily routine. Such as, if you have to create an animation for the next day, it is better to create the story boarding at night. Determine how much time in second is needed for each scene and select the characters. In the next morning, after getting up from sleep and taking breakfast, you can start making animation. It is essential to have a personal email account along with the profile of Behance and Linkdin are must. Store your portfolio in behance or linkdin so can send the files to client very quickly and must have the habit to check email everyday.

I dream to open an animation school and firm in which students can learn animation and can make earnings through this and able to establish a career as an animator.

At the end, I would like to recall, animation is a significant sector in Bangladesh. If you love animation and want to establish a career as an animator then you must enter this sector.


Written by: Mehedi Hasan Razu


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