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Architect: The change maker


What if the city was designed by an expert from the beginning? The first thing that comes to our mind is a city with no pollution, no dirt, no traffic congestion and no noise. A planned city where children are going to school safely, workers are reaching their office on time; no honking cars around the hospital.

Above discussion is enough to validate the title of this article.

What do we know about an architect? A person with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture?

In many countries around the world, having an academic certificate is not good enough for being an architect.

One must be a registered member of the architect’s institute or organisation of the respective country.

Let us jump into narrating the importance of an architect.

An architect must have a degree in Architecture. The duration of the course must be of five years.

In these five years of study, the architects have to learn to build a structure by keeping every detail in their mind. Every detail means, everything about the structure – designing, cost estimation, following building code, total time for construction and assessing the durability of the building.

It is easy to understand how it may result if a building is not made following these methods and rules.

That is why, architectural science is very important for building any structure.

Now let’s have walk into the world of an architectural structure.

Let’s think, our imaginary structure is located in a residential area of the country. It is an eight-storied building. The building is mainly made of brick and concrete. The column and the slab of the building are made of concrete.

The exterior wall is made of brick. We can see the exposed brick of the exterior wall from outside the building which means there is no color on the brick. The cost of paintings for the building is therefore decreased without compromising its aesthetic look.

Moreover, the owner will not have to worry about painting the building every year.

The building’s concrete slab can be easily seen from outside which also protects the building from sun. Such extended concrete slab also work in winter. It accumulates heat from sun at daytime and helps to balance the temperature inside the building.

Now, let’s have a look into the duplex house at seventh floor where Mr Rahim is living happily with his family. He wakes up every day with the sound of Azan (call to prayer). The ventilator over the window of his room is designed in a way so that the sounds under a certain height cannot enter the room. So the car horns can not disturb his sleep at night even if the ventilator is open.

Mr Rahim usually reads newspaper every morning sitting in his dining hall that has sufficient daylight.

The architect designed the windows of the house in a way so that the sunlight can enter all the bed rooms. The architect had to make a Louvre design in a specific angle to do so.

The architect designed the dining room in such a position so that it can accommodate everyone in the house comfortably.

The drawing room is located in a neutral position- neither too dark nor too bright- with enough circulation of air.

At the first floor of the building there is a hall that can accommodate around 25 families at a time. There is a library, a playing space for children and a tea space for adults.

Forget about the building now. Let’s enter into a planned city.

Mr Rahim has to take his two grandchildren Nusrat and Nujhat to school. Nusrat’s school is located in the residential area while Nujhat’s school is located 10 kilometers away from the area.

Mr Rahim does not have to worry as he and his grandchildren can use the bus service of the area. He can easily drop Nusrat at her school and go to nearby metro rail station by rickshaw with Nujhat. He reaches metro rail station by using rickshaw lane and get on the metro train. He drops Nujhat at her school within 10 minutes.

Now let’s go back to the reality. An architect mainly designs structures ranging from residential buildings, commercial buildings to shopping malls, and bridges.

If anyone goes to an architect he wants to know the client’s requirements, budget and vision. After meeting relevant queries, he starts working on his own.

His experience in architectural field here plays an important role.

He may initially draw some sketches and choose some sketches among those to use them. He may build some abstract models with paper. Thus he will reach some decisions gradually and will draw more detailed sketches. Thereafter, he will start the main design.

In this process he will proceed following the budget of the client. Some architect make 3D model of building using computer graphics.

The goal of any design is to ensure enough flow of air and light in the building.

An architect also takes into account if the building has any effects on environment and the social lives around it.

An architect can be called ‘maker of dreams’. He gives a real shape to your dream house or any other structures.

Think, you want to enjoy the view of mountain from your drawing room. The architect can divide the scenery in smaller segments such as hills, waterfalls, the sound of waterfalls, trees, birds etc. For abstract transformation, the floor of the drawing room has to be divided into two to three different zones with different heights.

The architect will use waterproof materials to save the walls from waterfall. He will also adjust the flow of water to create the desired sound of water fall.

The architect, along with his technical team, will try to bring the environment as close as possible to your drawing room. He will design your window in a way so that birds can sit there but cannot enter the room to make it dirty.

An architect should be careful about the air and light circulation including the number of  rooms before designing a house.

Apart from these, he also takes care of its aesthetical beauty.

However, building an office is a team work for an architect for creating a perfect environment for work.

An architect take into account every single details such as sitting arrangements for staffs and the separate departments in the office including clients or consumers rooms, cabin for the managing director (MD) of the company, room for MD’s assistant, meeting room and many more.

Planning a residential housing society is different from designing an office.

People of different occupations and religions live in a housing society. The architect has to consider many things to ensure safety and peaceful environment for the residents.

There is no way to take an architect for granted. It takes a lot of commitment to become an architect. Creating a residential, commercial or industrial building is not easy to manage one’s own.


Building any structure is a complicated undertaking. Designing a building demands a vast amount of knowledge—from understanding legal implications to knowledge of construction products and skills.

And thus the architects are the ultimate maker of one’s dream.


Contributor: Mostofa Zaman Jony


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