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It gets much difficult to pursue our career on what we have fascinated to see ourselves to be in our future since our childhood. Sometimes we can succeed to have chance to study on our desired subject. Otherwise we just have to follow the path on where we get the scope to go further and that’s the cruel reality of nowadays. However, there are many paths lying ahead in front of the students to build their future.

Architecture is one of the most demanding and lucrative subject among all of these. It’s said that it is both the science and art of engineering and designing and planning large constructions and structures. It’s a well-known undergraduate bachelor’s degree programme in the field of architecture. The Bachelor of Architecture is mainly of five years full time programme, a miscellany of theorical and practical knowledge providing for students. The exam type is semester system. The total credit is about 198 to 220 for five years. The things all get done in this semesters are Design studio, Architectural graphics, design theory, History ofArchitecture, Computer graphics, Building and finish material, Building technology, Interior design and theory, Landscape design theory, Professional practice training, specification and so many on.  This is such a vast subject where a student can learn the basics of art, about shades, color, sketches, construction techniques, urban structures and so many issues one has to face. One will understand how social interactions play an important role in shaping up the architecture. And the fifth year is all about thesis & internship.

Some of the public and private universities where this subject is studied in Bangladesh are – BUET, SUST, KUET, CUET, KU, AUST, , BRAC University, American International University, Stamford University, NSU, University of Asia Pacific and so on. According to a research, it’s found that the top best countries to study architecture are Spain, England, France, Italy, Japan, Greece, Germany, Russia, China, Mexico etc. Studying architecture on abroad is a good option for aspiring architects.

Architecture is a course where you get to learn something about everything related to design where it focuses much on elements of mathematics, engineering, understanding of modern technology, trend and social issues. There is a large job sector in this field. With an architecture degree, you can be urban planner who help to design new city spaces and expand existing one, general architect, one of the demanding one, industrial designer who develop the concepts for manufactured products, landscape architects, interior designer, production designer, town planner, structural designer and so on.

Some other Architectural jobs in Bangladesh can be defined as Green Design Architects, Residential Design Architects, Lighting and Sound Architects, Self Employed Architect setc. There are such many more paths for the architect graduates who complete their study and good fit for any job requiring creative proficiencies, technical ability and also knowledge of structure.



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