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Coffee with Nadia Nourin


It was afternoon on 10th February. The day was Saraswati Puja. Nadia Nourin came to our office where she was invited for coffee. Her facebook page ‘notebored’ drew my attention while I was looking for buying some collectible items to gift my nephew. Her page is full of interesting collectible items with good sense of aesthetics. The page is liked by about 50 thousands pure customers who love to buy collectible items regularly from her page. Notebored is basically an online collectible shop, but they have also a pick up point near Krishibid Institutite Bangladesh (KIB)

Nadia Nourin is now doing Masters in Pharmacy in University of Dhaka. She did her graduation on the same subject from University of Dhaka. She started this collectible item selling business in the middle of 2016 with 25 notebooks only. So far she has designed more than 40 verities of notebooks. Her notebooks are theme based and definitely in reasonable price range. Each notebook’s inside pages are also designed with that particular theme. The target group of her products is mainly teenagers.


Notebored follows a nice theme which is reflected to their work. The theme is “ be alive with your favorites”.

At present their notebooks are also available in different libraries and bookstores such as Bengal Book, Baatighar, Knock, Charcha and Boi Bichitra.

Nadia wants Notebored to be an international brand.



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