Fine Arts Study


Through art or sketch or sculpture, the artists portray the images of their mind which is actually the inner thoughts of many people. Sometimes they illustrate the problems or sufferings of our society through their artistic works. Although many people still think that art is only for poor graded students or it has no job career, the ‘Fine Arts’ is as competitive and challenging as other fields. A bachelor of Arts degree in drawing and painting might not sound lucrative for many, but for those who chose this field, it can be quite fecund and productive. So, it is high time we gave proper appreciation of art education in Bangladesh providing enough facilities. Fine art is considered as rooted in drawing and design-based works such as painting, print making and sculpture. It is often contrasted with “applied arts” and ”crafts” which are both traditionally seen as utilitarian activities. An applied art is meant to be the fields of photography, architecture and other non-designbased activities of fine arts.

There are few courses available in fine arts. Such as – B A Fine Arts (painting) of 3 years, BFA (painting) of 4 years course, BFA (applied art) of 4 years, BFA (sculpture) of 4 years course, BFA (photography) of four years course and also BFA (print making) of four years course. A B.F.A is meant to be the standard undergraduate degree for students in the visual or performing arts. It is a professional degree. The entire program includes four years of BFA honors with two years masters of MFA for all departments.

In the first year of bachelor degree, all the basics are studied whereas the area of concentration in the 2nd year is painting specialization where different cours In graphic design specialization sector, folk design, still life, intermediate drawing, lettering and sketch, flower study, poster art, two-dimensional design, add art, three-dimensional design, higher drawing, publicity campaigning and packaging, typography etc. are studied.

The M.F.A or Masters of Fine Arts is a terminal degree which is a big area of study in visual arts, creative writing, graphic design, photography, film making, dance, theatre and in some cases, theatre management or art administration etc.

There are a few institutions of fine arts in Bangladesh which provides the facilities of quenching thirst of students to learn more in this study. These institutions are – Faculty of Fine Arts in Dhaka University, Department of Fine Arts in Jahangirnagar University, Department of Fine Arts in Jagannath University, Institutes of Fine Arts in University of Chittagong, Department of Fine Arts in Rajshahi University, Institutes of Fine Arts in Khulna University, Department of Fine Arts in Jatiyo Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University. There are also Department of Fine Arts in University of Development Alternative, in Shanto Marium University of Creative Technology, Dhaka Art College, Bogra Art College and also Narayanganj Fine Arts Institutes.

Based on the QS World University Ranking, the top institutions for Fine Arts in the world are Royal College of Art in United Kingdom, University of Arts College in UK, Persons Schools of Design, Rhode Island School of Design, Massachusetts Institutes of Technology, Politecnico di Milano, Aalto University, Glasgow School of Art and so on.

There are various jobs which are directly related to this degree, such as – exhibition designer, fine artists, higher education lecturer, further education teacher, illustrator, museum curator, printmaker, etc. this would be also useful including art therapist, art director, set designer, art critic, art historian, cinematography, sculpture making, creative arts, interior designer, AutoCAD expert, graphic designer, character designation in animation, freelance artist, art director web designer,art teacher, university lecturer or professor and so on. There is a serious growth on animation industry too. Day by day, this sector has been improving much.


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