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Floor Design: an article by Jennifer Hassan


Floor designing is one of the most significant decisions one has to make when it comes to build or renovate a house. A beautiful and durable floor forms the foundation of a room. Flooring materials are vital parts of interior design. The choice of materials also determines the difficulty of installation, how the floor can be used, and the maintenance process.

A perfect floor is not just where one stands on; rather it can really influence the feeling of one’s space.

Different types of flooring materials have their unique qualities, functions, benefits and disadvantages. There are many types of flooring based on their uses.

Currently, almost all types of flooring materials are available in Bangladesh. Let’s read about the most popular flooring types and how to make choices of right materials for that.


Use of tiles in interior design has become very popular in our country for two decades. It is difficult to find any building without tiles, nowadays. Beside the interior, tiles are used in the stairs as well.

Tiles are generally made of ceramic, a mixture of clay and shale that are baked and hardened in a kiln. The tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures.

There are two types of tiles- glossy and rustic. Glossy tiles are known as mirror polish tiles and they are smoother and lighter than common tiles. Mirror polish tiles are more fragile than ordinary tiles. There are also tiles of special size that are used only in the stairs.

The appearance of tile varies according to the diversity of textures and colours applied during the manufacturing process. Various shapes like squares, rectangles and hexagons are available in the  market. The size of floor tiles usually ranges from 10 to 24 inches.

Some tiles show the colour and textures only on it. While selecting tiles, the colour of curtain and wall should be kept in mind. Tiles should be selected in a way so that dirt accumulated on it can be seen easily and is easily washable. We comparatively use expensive tiles in our drawing rooms.

The size of grout line or the space between two tiles is a matter of consideration.  The grout line for drawing room floor should be as thin as possible to keep it free of dirt and stains.  The good looks of tiles also depend on masons who install them. Skilled masons can make the best out of simple tiles.

There are some special tiles for bathroom as well. These tiles are made for using in bathroom floor only.

Floor tiles, generally, cost from Tk 60 to Tk 350. The price may vary from city to city and manufacturer to manufacturer and also as per their sizes.

Apart from imported ones, tons of different ceramic tiles are made by local companies.

Bangladesh’s largest tiles market is in Hatirpul area of Dhaka. Tile flooring is cheaper than other types of flooring such as marble, granite, wooden flooring, etc.


The smooth, polished and subtly colourful veining of marble flooring gives a room an elegant look. Marble are basically natural stones. Marble is known for its durability. Marble is a naturally designed material. It comes in a wide range of colours and variations and is used in such things as sculpture as well as architecture. It has been used as a building material for thousands of years. Its main use is in flooring though.

There are two types of marble available in the market, polished and unpolished. There are Indian, Italian and Turkish marbles available in local market and they are very popular. Marble price range starts from Tk 350 per square foot.

Marble is used in exterior walls, flooring, decorative features, stairway, kitchen countertop, cupboard and walkways. The use of marble depends upon its quality.

Marble is a perfect material for building because of its durability such as long life and resistance to weather cycles, and need of less maintenance.


Mosaic offers a stylish and contemporary approach to covering a floor.

Mosaic floor is a traditional floor design. We can still find the old palace of landlords with mosaic floors. A house can easily be designed with mosaic tiles.

Mosaic floors are highly functional when it comes to harsh environments found in particular room in a house. The ability to create any design or pattern that is in one’s imagination is easily done with mosaic floors.

The use of mosaic is one of the best ways to save money, because mosaic flooring would normally take a fraction of the cost for installing rather than something that marble flooring would take.

Mosaic floor needs a lot of maintenance though. Mosaic may be one of the best products, but it also requires regular maintenance. Otherwise, within a few years, the mosaic flooring would turn out to be black.


Laminate flooring is a modern-day flooring style that actually imitates wood flooring. Laminate flooring truly imitates the look of wood, stone, and other natural materials. Unlike real hardwood, which comes with many imperfect pieces that need to be reshaped, there are no defects in laminate flooring and laminate flooring is almost resistant to dents and scratches.

Laminate floor is relatively expensive than tile. There is more use of laminate flooring in offices and commercial spaces. Laminate flooring is also used in living room and bedrooms. The advantage of laminate flooring is that it does not have many grids like tiles and it is easy to clean.


Plastic floor mats serve a wide variety of purposes and come in a large range of colours and designs. There are many uses for plastic floor mats.Plastic floor mats are generally used to protect floors against spills. They are usually put over carpets and can be used to help rolling chairs slide at desks or can be used near kitchens. Plastic floor mats is pasted with glue.

One of the biggest disadvantages of floor mats is, it can be ripped or torn easily. Once it is torn, the mat has to be entirely removed and re-installed.


Written by : Jennifer Hassan


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