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Flowers in Design, Decorations & Life


Everyone loves flower, who does not?
Natural beauty of flowers brightens the world and without them, the world would become a dull place. A bouquet of fresh flowers can make your day filled with joy and freshness.

Flowers may be used for various decorations, bouquets and many other purposes. The following article will focus on various flowers and their uses in different designs and decorations.

Neelkantha, Neel Aparijita or Asian pigeonwings:

Asian pigeonwings, growing as vine or creeper, has its various common names like blue pea, butterfly pea and many more. If blue is your favourite colour, you know exactly what a mesmerising blue shade these flowers have! The flower, which scientific name is Clitoria ternatea, can be found in white as well.

These exotic flowers can be used as inserts of bouquets or as border of a stage or backgrounds. Especially, when a bouquet or flower basket is full of yellow or white flowers what can be more stunning than some blue dots of Asian pigeonwings?

Indian Jasmine:

Jasmines are known for its unique and strong fragrance. One can hardly find any cosmetics, especially made for women, without fragrance of jasmine. It grows as shrubs or vine in tropical countries.

Garlands made with jasmines are very popular among women. There are songs and poetries mentioning women tying hair with jasmine garlands.


Beloved for their intoxicating and seductive smells, gardenias are not easy to grow as it requires extreme humidity and bright light to thrive.

Being mostly a rainy season flower, it can grow all over the year. It can be used in flower basket that will add some extra beauty for its soothing fragrance. Women use the flower to ornament their head bun as well.

China rose or Hibiscus:

China rose or hibiscus has a common name in Bangladesh, Jaba. This flower can be found in four colours- white, red, pink and yellow. The flower has no fragrance. It blooms around the year. Many Hindu devotees offer the flowers to various gods. The flower can be used in flower baskets and bouquets as well.



Kadamba, commonly known as Kadam, is one of the most beautiful flowers in the region. It is also a useful herbs mentioned in many ancient Sanskrit scriptures. The flower contains a little sweet fragrance and blooms in rainy season.


Marigolds are eminently used as ornamental flowers because of their vibrant yellow colours. But apart from its attractive appearance, it also offers various health benefits.
In Indian sub-continent, a Haldi ceremony (a pre wedding ceremony for applying turmeric on bridegrooms) is beyond imagination without the garlands of marigolds.

Rajanigandha or Tuberose:

Rajanigandha or tuberose is one of the prettiest tropical bulbous flowers and known for its long lasting fragrance.

Tuberose is vastly used for decorations, flower bouquets, baskets and what not.

“Everyone who has a garden, or a taste for flowers, knows tuberose,” CL Allen wrote in 1893. Isn’t it true?


Orchids are ever-popular flowers that come in various colours and sizes. The flower can be used in stage designing and decorations, flower baskets and bouquets.


Roses are symbols of love and romance. There are more than 150 species of roses around the globe.

Roses have been the most popular choice of flowers for gifting because of its wide variety in terms of colours, sizes, fragrance and other attributes.

Making a flower bouquet:

You can create your own flower basket or bouquet very easily at home. You can customise the bouquet according to your choice with less expense in this way.

In order to make a basket, all you will need is a small scissor, scotch tape, water bottle, strings and transparent or printed wrapping paper.

If you want to design a basket, you have to select the flowers you want to use first. To get started, you will need a basket of your choice, liner, some cock sheets and green plants or leaves if you want some green touches in the basket.

The flowers and sizes of the baskets should be selected according to the type of the occasion. While selecting decoration leaves it should be kept in mind if they are compatible with the flowers. You can use scotch tapes to keep the flowers attached to the cock sheets. Spray water on the flowers to keep them fresh. Finally, wrap the basket or bouquet with your selected paper.

Stage Design with flowers

Flowers can be used in stage design for various celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, concerts and many more. Different types of flowers are selected with different shades according to the choice of the client to decor the stage to give a gorgeous look. Particular type of lighting and suitable fabric are also used in-between the flowers to enhance the ultimate look.


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