Glass as a building material- by Nitia Tasnim


Nowadays glass has become one of the most key fabricating materials. The uses of glass is vastly expanding in houses, offices, and such establishments. Glass not only provides natural lights to a building but also it can change the formation of a building to make it more eye catchy yet in natural structure. Glass has been the oldest classical material from it’s beginning to now .Though We know nothing about the exact date of it’s invention but it is said that the first glass was made back to 7000 BC in Neolithic period. It is said that people used to make weapon through glass which was emerged naturally (such as in volcanic region or formed by lightening). The rapid improvement of technology has changed the nature and the use of glass.

In medieval age , glass was used as an embellishing element.
The art of glass blowing came arose in the very 1st century in Europe and in the glass industry that is considered as a great revolution. Cast glass windows came into view in the most important building and villa in Rome and Pompeii. There is an another glass window named stain glass window which was mostly used in renaissance and Baroque architecture within 11th to 18th century. Throughout the time of 19thh century crown glass process which was considered to be the most available process used flat /sheet glass for making windows.

It is known to all that glass has it’s own beauty and flexibility. It gives an unique apparent and circulates natural lights. Even, it can convert the entire structure with various colours, shapes and compositions.

Float Glass

Float glass is also known as clear glass. It’s flat and it’s transparent . This float glass is mostly used in doors, windows and shelves and It’s also used in canopies, fronts of shops , glass blocks , rail partitions as well.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is known as a category of Float glass having solar absorption properties with melted colorants. This type of glass mainly work to save energy and reduces heat penetration into buildings. A wonderful exterior appearances of frontage can be created by tinted glass.

Reflective Glass

Having a mirror like appearance reflective glass provides different shades of colour to the surface of a building for all day long . Offices and High –rise buildings also uses Reflected glass.

Insulated Glass Units

The insulated glass unit also known as prefabricated unit of two or more glass panels. Excellent thermal and sound insulation properties are provided by them. Office buildings, hospitals and hotels uses those glass to ornate their buildings.

Frosted Glass

The rough appearance of of frosted glass creates dissemination of lights. It’s mostly used as partition to make sure it’s privacy, such as shower cubicles, conference rooms, windows and doors of bedrooms, dressing rooms and so on.

Acrylic Sheets

Thermo plastics makes acrylic that keep the weather stable from being changed. It’s more stronger and lighter than glass but on the other hand, it’s vulnerable to scratches. Acrylic is more costly. People uses that glass mostly in playhouses and greenhouses.

Glass in modern high-rise buildings

The view of glazy and glassy high-rise building in modern metro cities those are not unfamiliar to us. Even we aware of the fact that glass has it’s own architectural value. When renowned architect Mies van der Rohe proposed a skyscraper for the first time as a momumental yet hollow crystal we encounter the fascination of an architect. Industry’s leading architects and visionary designers used glass in their iconic buildings. There are just few which can be mentioned in the list of magnificent glass building and skyscrapers; such as Louvre Pyramid in France, The National centre for performing Arts in China, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Shanghai Tower in China.
It’s really pleasurable for architects using glasses in building designs , they enjoy doing such things for various reasons. Among them one of the most primary benefits is to provide natural daylight and prevents heat inside the building. As energy efficiency has become a matter of global gravity this can save energy too. The productivity and the health of employees can be raised by it. High –rise buildings with glass can grow the uniqueness of the city. In modern architecture , glass has been turned into the basis of creativity and became an artful portion of all time.

Glass used in interior design

Glass stair has become very popular for it’s transparency ;It seems the staircase to float and it is something which neither block the light nor the view.
People usually use glass floor so that it can bring more lights. It’s really interesting that glass walkways are closed buy yet open to the view.
There are different types of glass wall which is used in accordance to the requirement. Transparent glass walls add more lights where frosted glass is necessarily used to ensure privacy .


Written by : Nitia Tasnim


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