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With the boom of technology, many new exciting career paths come up to our new generation. Graphic designing is one of them which is witnessing more than average growth in other related fields. It is said that the projected competition is going to create huge endless job opportunities for the job seekers. Graphic designing can be a manifesting career choice for those who have creative ideas and artistic mind. Through this, one can have the chance to display their thoughts visually and in some of the most beautifully creative way.

A graphic designer should be responsible for almost all types of image generation starting from web to print media and generally has the opportunity to work with some of the highly talented and creative people in the world of advertising, publishing and designing. To be a graphic designer, it is needed to have extremely creative mind and logical thought process, higher degree in graphic design study, must be able to handle pressure, knowledge of designing principles and also have to be computer savvy.

Graphic design course can be done in two ways – one of them is bachelor degree programme and the other is diploma course. It takes mainly four years in graphic design of bachelor study. This are comprised of 120-180 credit hours of classes. The basics of a graphic designing course curriculum comprise two dimensional designing, core studies in graphic design, basics of layout, theory of color, history of graphic design, principles of art etc. There are various graphic designing degree courses. For example – B.Des. (visual communication), B.E. (Printing Engineering and Graphic Communication), B.F.A (Print Making and Graphic Design), B.Sc. (Graphic Design), Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design, M.E. (Printing and Graphic Communication), M.Tech. (Print and Graphics Communication), Ph.D. (Graphic Theory).

The duration to complete diploma in graphic designing is one year. This course in career oriented in nature. Syllabus of graphic design as prescribed by various universities and colleges are here. They are – Typographic Design, Generic Skills, Computer Studies, Color Theory for Computer, Digital Publishing, Basic Information, Sound Principles, Visual Communication, Web Design, Multimedia Authoring, Modelling Using CAD, Introduction of Computer Animation, Graphic Principles and Methods of Design Introduction to Multimedia, Live Project, Background and Concept, Sound Recording and Breakdown : Voice, Music and Effects Film, Team Management, Web Design Implementation, Principles of Management, Drawing as Basis for 2D and 3D animation, Animation and Production Process, Language Career Planning and Suggestion and Industrial Training.

Graphic designer usually works with both text and images. They often select the type, font, size, colour, line length of headlines, headings and text. This is important to marketing and selling products and is a critical component of brochures and logos. There are several job opportunities available for graphic designer in our country. They can find job as desktop publishers, multimedia artists, graphic designers and animator, creative director, editorial designer, packaging designer, advertising art director, corporate identity designer, multimedia programmer, web developers, craft and fine artists etc. They have a large employment sector in IT companies, graphic design companies, Fashion companies, Gaming websites, Multimedia content writing and so on. Therefore, being a graphic designer can get a lots of benefits.


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