Kausar Ahmed Chaudhury: Interview of a Legend


What is ESP ?

In addition to psychology, there is another branch known as Parapsychology. In this section, paranormal incidence that occurs are said to be supernatural. Since ages, history of such type of paranormal activities has been found. These have not been eye witnessed, but those who have described the incidences, said to be true. I have also experienced some such incidence in my life.

Another term is called as ESP or Extrasensory Perception. It means, apart from our six senses, there is another sense or emotion by the help of which we can assume our past and future. This is divided into many sections. One is Clairvoyance. Those who inherit Clairvoyance can visualize past and future. Beside this there are more sections to which we would not focus right now.

Usually our sense of feeling something appear from our experiences. But in ESP it seems that one did not go through that experience before. How did this come from then. BTV used to telecast a serial named ‘one step beyond’ meaning what it would be like stepping out from reality. In this TV serial, many supernatural incidents were used to be shown which were actually derived from real incidents. I have also experienced such type of incidences. Once, when my children were little, there was a bulb placed at the middle of the ceiling. At the moment I entered the house, abruptly I pushed away my wife to move aside and at that instant moment, the bulb fall off from the ceiling. There are many incidents like this, which I cannot describe right now. I have revealed such incidents or case studies in my book, ‘Vaggo Janar Upai’. The book has been published from Prothoma Prokashon.

Science is still unable to discover the reasons behind the activities done by subconscious mind. Explanation of dreams is the most difficult matter to deal with in Psychology. We are yet unable to clarify this matter. It does not need to be stressed out with every single dream. Most of the dreams have no true meaning. Many dreams are controlled by physical condition. For example, someone in dream visualizes that, he was choking to death by sinking into quicksand in a desert. After he got awake, he was found to be gasping out of air under a blanket. One lady saw, she was departing to heaven while listening some mesmerizing music. After she got awake from sleep, nearby, a band party was playing a band of instruments. It means, she heard the music played by the band party while asleep, to which she interpreted a story like this.

In subconscious mind, if any kind of fear is unconsciously stored, then it can bring misfortune in real life. It means, he or she cannot figure out from how the fear has emerged. In a city situated in America, a man everyday catches a bus after travelling a certain distance. He began to watch a nightmare everyday. He could not figure out the basis of his nightmare. He therefore visits a Psychiatrist. The psychiatrist asked him some questions in detail. He asked the man, what kind of things he saw everyday while walking down to catch the bus. The man replied he used to notice a torn poster of a horror movie while walking everyday. It was found that, the horrifying image of that poster had set in his subconscious mind. The Psychiatrist then clarified him about the matter and from then on, his nightmare started to disappear.

I would now share an example of clairvoyance. In 1912, a lady whose husband was travelling on the cruise, Titanic, that happened to submerged unfortunately. The lady was in her house, was not in sleep but was a bit drowsy. Suddenly, she saw her husband was drowning. Later, she came to know Titanic was flooded at that moment.

Another incident, I used to read Reader’s digest magazine at that time, they used to publish many stories like these. One incident in which, while a man was lying on bed at night, the weather was bad, at that moment, his father opened the door and entered his room. He said, “my son, I have come from a faraway, now I am leaving”. His son was amazed; he was imagining that his father lived in a distant state, and travelling such a long distance, he was about to leave so soon. Later, it was found his father had died at that moment.

When I was working on the Swedish project, my boss went for higher studies in America. At one night he was feeling very restless. He was unable to concentrate to any things and was about to outburst in cry. The next day, we came to know his mother had expired in a hospital. Considering the time, it was found that, during that time, his mother was calling Bulu continuously. This was his nickname. She was asking to bring back Bulu. She wanted to see her son for the last time. This is what called telepathy. Telepathy is also a component of ESP. This can occur between a mother and her child. Telepathy has no limit on connecting in regard of a mother and her child. It can happen within any limit.

Is ESP something hereditary?

ESP is hereditary. It can be extended through meditation. My father didn’t have ESP but one or the other member might had ESP among our ancestor. Though there is evidence of spiritualism practice in our heritage. It may arise from there. Such as, my niece whose name is Rima, has ESP, sixth sense. She can detect many occurrences.

You have written many points on meditation in your book. Can you please tell us what can be achieved through meditation?

Through meditation, one can boost his will power. Can influence others. Can treat diseases which are not attacked by germs. Meditation is the word used for the word we say in Bengali ‘dhayan’. ‘Dhayan’ means to concentrate deeply at a particular matter. have described it elaborately in my book ‘Vaggo Janar Upai’.

Meditation was practiced among human since ages. It was practiced among the Aryans, among the Indian Sages and was also followed in Sufism in countries like Iraq and Iran. Time , place and colors have great impact on meditation. Various people like various colors. If analyzed, it shall be found that, particular color had have an influence through hereditary. Such as, the color yellow and green has influence in our hereditary. In our generation, among two ancestors, one used to wear yellow turban and the other used to wear green turban. I didn’t know about this practice when I was young. But I used to get attracted by these two colors and loved yellow and green dresses since childhood. Colors have their own definition. Such as who likes yellow color, are meant to be deity in nature. Those who like green are very lively. Those who like white are bit rigid. Those who like blue are very romantic.

Tell us something about your life spend in Charukola

I had two dreams in my life. One was to learn painting and the other was to learn film making. At that time, students used to get admission after completing matriculation examination. I got my admission like this. I was youngest in my batch. I had experienced many interesting and beautiful memories there. From there, originated the start of my beard. When I used to go for approach to someone, they used to say “what do you want?”I used to get very disappointed by this gesture. At that time we had a senior brother named Moti. He understood my situation and told me to keep beard. From then on, I started keeping beard. After this I noticed everyone started to give me attention. Girls also began to give priority, though all girls were senior to me.

Artist Mustafa Monwar was my teacher. He used to say, you can’t be miser on using papers. “Spoil paper and through this you will learn art gradually.” Also, he used to tell, if your color tube finishes or remains, and lend color from others, you shall notice greater amount of color coming through the tube. It suggests, one usually does not like to use his color.

The renowned comedian and actor Tele Samad was a student in our class. He was always found in a fun mood. He used to sing very well. Once, in charge of Monwar Sir, we celebrated the Rabindra Jayanti. Tele Samad was given a song to sing and was supposed to act as well after the song. At that time, there was the popular song by Hemanta Mukhopadhyay, ‘bonoful fule fule dhaka’. Tele Samad started to sing this song despite of singing Rabindra sangeet. It was obvious that Rabindra sangeet would be played on Rabindra Jayanti. But, no one could stop him singing the song of Hemanta Mukhopadhyay. Tele Samad sang the song till the end.

At that time, foreign students were accompanied at Charukola whenever they used to visit Bangladesh. One Russian dance group had come to Charukola. Almost a group of 30 to 40 boys and girls. They had worn various kind of colorful outfits. Once they asked to sing a song. We had a local Sylheti song, ‘sonar bandhaila nao, pitoler gua’. After listening to this song, the group of 30 to 40 girls and boys began to dance together with such a great rejoice. They told “you have so rich music in Bangladesh, why don’t you all perform and outspread this?” After this I realized our culture was so enriched and worth high.

My elder brother was familiar to a Greek Architecture cum construction company. The company wanted to sponsor my academic studies of Architecture but on a condition that I would have to work in their company for five years. I was weak in math and beside this, I was passionate to get admission in Charukola. For this reason, I didn’t study in Architecture.

Way back 90s decade, I had purchased a plot at Pallabi in Dhaka. I wanted to make a bungalow patterned house. Though I am not an Architect, I tried to design a house making some sketches. I had a friend who was Architect by profession. He saw my sketches and told those were quite good but had few mistakes on it and if those could be corrected, then it shall turn to be a nice design. Still now, I enjoy watching TV programs broadcasting Architectural design. I get extremely fascinated by the historical places.

Some of your favourite lyrics?

‘Aj ei brishtir kanna dekhe’, ‘jekhane shimanto tomar shekhane boshonto amar’, ‘amai dekona ferano jabena’, ‘ei rupali guiter fele’ .


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