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Landscape Design : an article by Tanvir Farhad


Landscape design is a key component of architecture. It is usually the design of outdoor areas of a building.

Landscaping is more than making a garden or decorated yard. It is about transforming an outdoor space into beautiful and appealing yard and minimizing the impact of human activities on the plants and environment in a yard.

Landscape architecture is a professional expertise of combining the man-made structures with the natural landscape and with designs for landform, water and planting.

Landscape is on high demand in the field of architecture and many local and foreign universities offer courses in the field.

Apart from beautification landscape architecture offers a set of architectural plans that assure the clients of better building experiences and significant cost savings.

The article discusses different aspects and elements of landscape design. Let’s have a look.


Circulation is the base of landscape as it configures the way of movement inside a space. It is very important to keep in mind while designing landscape that the people are able to move easily. There must be a closed circle of continuous flow from and to all entrances and exits to a space and there should not be a lot of dead ends and closed walkway.

Green Area

The green area means bed of grasses, shrubs and trees. It is the most fascinating part of landscape design. The greenery in landscape design can boost up the colour, texture and overall depth of a space.

Grasses are not essentially always the star of the show; in fact they can make superb supporting actors. Simple bed of grasses forms a subtle and soothing backdrop for rough and big trees.

Variation of Trees

There must be variations in selection of trees used in a landscape. Otherwise the design will lose its charm. The trees may be of different colours, sizes and species.



Colourful flower beds make a house’s yard appealing and spectacular. Flowers have been used for decorating gardens and courtyards for centuries all over the world. Mesmerizing colours and enchanting smells of various flowers offer sense of peace to the residents.

Water body

Installing a water body into a design is an art to give the entire space a divine look. A single space can have one or two water bodies depending on its size. Water bodies can be designed in different depths and shapes. Water bodies enhance the beauty of a space and break the monotony.



Apart from water bodies, artificial waterfalls can also be created in a space. Sometimes the fountains are installed over a wall. Sweet sounds of fountains create a beautiful environment inside a space.


Stones, since ancient times from Japanese culture, are gradually being used as a natural landscape element of great versatility.

Stones set the tone of a garden. They are used in courtyards and gardens as sculptures, boulders and many more.

Landscaping with stones accompanied with plants and trees or as individual elements can be a refreshing way to add texture, colour, and beauty to a yard.

Stones can be used around waterfall or water bodies. Large size stones in different places of yard look unique and different.

Small stones are called Gravel. Gravel can be used in both sides of a circulation.

Pebbles are popular for its ability to remove the pesky weeds. They also do not affect the trees and bushes in the garden. To build a garden fountain, stream or pond, gravels can be used as pond liner.


Sculpture can bring a different dimension to a landscape design. We can use different types and sizes of sculptures for a landscape. This sculpture may be an abstract piece or a real figure. In landscaping,sculptures are usually made of wood, iron and aluminium.


Lighting is basically the finishing touch of a landscape design. Landscape architects must consider night lighting as an important element during any design.  A spectacular dancing light at the edge of a yard can make it elegant at its best.

Perfect lighting in a landscape draws the eye of the viewers inside the space and outside the house. Proper lighting effects can make a small yard look bigger and unending. Lights in entrance column can show path to the door of a house.

Chairs and Tables

Installing chairs and tables is a key element in landscape design as the residents of any place need to sit, relax and spend time in their desired garden.

In most cases, iron chairs and tables are used in courtyards. Many landscape designers also include wood or iron benches. These chair tables are movable and often kept in open.


Sheds are important for large landscape. They are made in large spaces to save users from rains and sun.


Landscape architects must create boundary walls in certain areas of the space to ensure privacy to its users. Apart from that, trees and rock walls can also be planted and designed in a way so that they may create private spaces.

We can see a perfect landscape design gives a space a look of fairyland. And who does not love fairy tales and its fascinating dazzling lands.

Written by : Tanvir Farhad


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