Meditation for Design: by Nazifa Noor


Often times, we are asked to meditate on a situation and then take action. Thinking about something deeply and then proceeding to solve it, leads to far better results than acting on something compulsively. Meditating is simply putting more thought on one thing and one thing only to calm our senses down and thus creating a state of mindfulness. When the mind is relaxed it can raise its efficiency and carry out heavy-duty tasks with ease.

As artists, we are often caught in a rut or burn-out that causes us to suffer from the infamous, “art block”. An art block is basically a time when creatives find it difficult to start working on something. It feels like the brain shuts down at the mere mention of art and does not want to follow through with any ideas. Speaking of ideas, an art block is terrifying because creatives fail to get “good” ideas to begin with. From then on, they venture down a rabbit hole full of past memories of far efficient days and bum themselves out.

It is already hard not being at the level of efficiency you’d want to be at. It is worse to feel bad about yourself while this is happening too. Such times require patience and understanding from us for ourselves. You wouldn’t be rude to a friend who has difficulty starting something right? Instead you’d be there to listen to them and help them start. Be there for yourself too.

Meditating has many benefits. One of them is being able to be one with yourself. It helps to ground you and feel refreshed.

Think of meditating like this. You have your browser up with 100 tabs. It is quite absurd to think your browsing will be as speedy as having say, 3 tabs. Meditating is having just one tab up and focusing on that one page. Browsing will be faster and you’ll be able to focus more efficiently. However, unlike your browser, you can train your brain to work at multiple things at once through practicing mindfulness. If you keep focusing on having just one tab up in your mind, with time you can have a 100 up without any problem.

Meditating often gets a bad rep for being boring. Well, it is quite true staying still in one area, focused on one thought, can seem a bit tedious and boring to some. But meditating does not have to be like that. There are many different types of meditation practices.

Intuitive thinking is quite useful in laying down composition or paint.
Being critical about every detail could at times be the cause of a burn-out.

Meditating is known to improve intuition power and as a result, aid in creativity. Apart from that relying more on intuition can lead us to build faith in ourselves. Having faith in oneself can help us battle through any rut in life. Consequently, a powerful intuition can help us understand people better.

The power of positive thinking can make room for bright thoughts. Bright thoughts lead to lovely ideas. Lovely ideas result in beautiful art. Meditating can help clear the mind, ease the soul. It helps to uplift the spirit and result in a nicer outlook in life. Meditating can help to get into the state of flow. Ideas just come to you. Good things just happen. It isn’t a cause of miracle. It’s just you’re more receptive of positive things. It’s like looking through rose-coloured glasses every day. Every song becomes inspirational, every person seems beautiful. You begin to appreciate things and feel more grateful about life.

In the end, meditating on your ideas and self can lead you to feel much better about the world. When you’re feeling well you can live well. Once you live well, you can work well.


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