Nourish Your Brain: by Nazifa Noor


All great things in the world are products of creativity. Often times, we tend to forget that creativity isn’t just always related to art. Creativity is required to tackle tricky situations as well as difficult people and it is a fundamental need for fueling innovation.

Humans are innate curious creatures. Thus naturally, creativity is ingrained in us all by default.

Consider the brain to be like the head of all departments (pun intended). It controls and directs every single part of your body to assure perfect performance. You can imagine then, our brain is really powerful! The best part about this is that, we aren’t limited to just having the amount of efficiency we currently work on. The brain is much like clay. It does not stay a fixed kind of way forever. It changes every single day as we add more experiences and incorporate more habits into our lives. Like clay, it can be molded to support the kind of lifestyle we want.

The brain is divided into two cerebral hemispheres – the left and the right. Each has a different function. The left brain is in charge of everything logical whilst the right brain is in charge of everything creative. Stimulating each area to boost the departments they are meant to aid will result in better skills in each.

So, you want to be creative.

Training your brain is not easy. You must put in the intention, conscious effort and thought into the process. The process of training your brain to be more creative will involve forming new habits. This training period imitates the molding process. Through making the right habits we’ll essentially be pumping up our brains to be able to hold all the new creative ideas you’ll be harnessing soon.

There is a famous method proposed by Charles Duhiggs in his book “The Power of Habit”, called the habit loop.This method in its cut and dried form involves three elements: cue, routine and reward.

Say, you want to get better at drawing figures. To do so, think of a cue. Perhaps you have a jar full of pencils on your desk – that could act as a trigger for you to sit down to draw. A trigger should come to you easily. The easier you make it for yourself, the more likely you’d be to take action. Thus, if you already have a set of pencils and sketchbook on your desk it’ll be convenient for you to spot it and think of drawing. Once you find your trigger, sit down and draw. As you do this every day or at a certain time of the week or month, you will notice a difference in your skill and perhaps you’ll see yourself reaching other ways of drawing a simple human figure. You might even be daring enough to challenge yourself to draw with pens instead of pencils. You will find that your skills are growing as you are being consistent. By the end of the year, you are bound to notice your skill level increase dramatically, acting as a reward for you to challenge yourself to do something else or further work on improving your skills. This is how a habit is formed.

You can never build a new good habit without replacing an old bad one. Like the RAM on your computer, you need to go on replacing the “bad” files with the new files. You don’t ever have extra space, you make space.

Committing to your goal, persisting through the training period patiently by having the end-goal in mind will help you set yourself up for success! Because in the end, the goal is to not just be creative. It is to use that creativity to help you reach bigger goals.
There is a reason why we are always asked to exercise and eat healthy. A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Learning a new dance move, a new form of exercise, a new instrument or simply learning how to draw a flower on paper will stimulate the right hemisphere and ensure creativity.

To support your new activity, eating the right food is necessary too. Incorporating eggs, dark chocolate, nuts and broccoli in your diet will help boost you further.
The right brain is in charge of our motor skills. Thus, doing something that involves movement is going to activate that area more. There’s so much stress that at times it’s difficult to talk about it or find healthy ways to deal with it. This exercise might help to provide a solution to taking a step towards handling stress properly.

Right after waking up, drink one glass of water and sit down with your notebook. Your job is to keep an unmindful mind while writing. Write anything and everything that comes to your mind without judgement. Don’t stop till you’re satisfied.

After you’re done, it is guaranteed you’d feel much at ease and be ready to challenge the day! And when your mind is at ease, creativity will flow naturally.


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