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Painting Types


Painting is a beautiful form of art representing artist’s talent and skill which is sometimes used not only for entertainment or embellishment but also for effervescing several problems of our society. We, the art lovers, always tend to get mesmerized and appreciate the amazing brush stroke on painting which has various forms. There are many types of painting techniques which are oil painting, acrylic painting, pastel painting, watercolor painting, spray painting, enamel painting, sand painting, digital painting, hot wax painting, tempera painting, ink wash painting, matte painting, texture painting, velvet art, graffiti art, miniature painting, leaf painting, reverse glass painting, anamorphosis, gouache, drip painting, panel painting and so many on.

Firstly,let’s see the two common forms of painting – the pastel painting and acrylic painting. Pastels are considered a dry painting medium. Pastels are chalk. It is basically a dry pigment which is mixed with a dry binder and it doesn’t involve any liquid of any kind. On the other hand, acrylics are also dry pigments but it is mixed with a liquid binder. Water or liquid medium are involved in the application of the paint. Acrylics cannot be put over top of the pastels as the dry pigment doesn’t allow the acrylic paint to bind the substrate. But you can put pastel over top of the acrylic. If anybody is looking for deep and pure colors, then it is highly recommended to use pastel sticks. Again, if anybody wants faster drying painting, then acrylic will be the best option. Acrylic are nontoxic and light fast. Acrylic have more versatile options whether you like to paint thinly as like  watercolor or thickly as like oil color. Moreover it appears slightly darker after drying.


Watercolor can be very easy if the skilled hands use it in proper techniques. But many people address it as the most difficult medium to master. The very first reason to say so is that it takes a lot of time to learn what to expect, depending on the quality of paper and pigment, as well as on the techniques. Again, unlike any other medium, white is the white of your paper in watercolor. So, it gets hard to use it unless you add some highlights. Some techniques, like wet on wet, often require that you work pretty faster with more focus when you work with waters. Learning when to stop when working with watercolors is more important than learning proper techniques. You should learn to soak and stretch your paper also.

Oil painting is one of the most popular painting types. Oil pigments dry slowly as these are comprised of small particles that are suspended in a drying oil. Though it is difficult to move on the next step as it takes time to dry, they are hard wearing and can sustain their quality for generation. The colors created by oil paintings are more lustrous and captivating. Again, oil paints have slightly yellow tinge because of oxidation and they are comparatively expensive than water or acrylic.  A form of street art which is also popular and vibrant at the same time is nothing but graffiti. It is widely accepted or renowned as a contemporary form of popular art. This term highlights mainly graphic based words drawn on street by spray or by paintings. Matte painting has a large field where it is widely used in games or movie industry. What we see in the extraordinary fairytale stories or sci-fi, all of these are the contribution of matte paintings. These paintings are used as a background or as a large set in those industries.

Tempera is also named as poster paint. It is not a permanent paint thus it is not great for fabric painting. A painting created on leaf or painted leaf shaped is termed as leaf painting. velvet painting is created on velvet cloth. enamel paint is mainly made for metal and there are different grades. It’s a paint that is good for the kitchen and bathroom or some places where one would one to wipe down the walls. There are also miniature paintings which are small handmade paintings.

On the other hand, along with traditional painting, digital painting also similarly popular although it is not as easy as it appears to be. A digital painter must have profound understanding in art as to make painting comparable to traditional painting. The new generation artists show their keen to digital painting. It gradually gains much popularity.



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