Student Project- April 2019: Design of a University in Feni



The title of my project is campus planning of Feni University and the site area is about 691200 sft,16 acre. Feni university foundation of Bangladesh is the client and implementing authority by Feni university foundation.

Education is one of the most important variable that signifies the progress and prosperity of a nation .The social, cultural, literary and recreational activities have essentially became the part of a education.Every people carry the seed of creativity from their birth and it blooms with the help of the surrounding environment and proper education.Feni university provides a better educational environment and trains their students professionally and introduce students to professional world.

When we go back to history we see formation of 1st school began centering a tree and using it both as a shade and a backdrop for lectures. Even in our culture Pathshala were started under banyan tree. With time in modern era.


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