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Student Project – March 2019 : Ship Museum & Research Center



The massing concept of this project derived from one of the traditional boats of Bangladesh, known as “Sampan”.

The site was at the outskirt of Chittagong town, also known as Halishahar beach, just beside the Bay of Bengal. The main idea was to create a landmarking vew of the museum building as if a Sampan sailing on the sea which can be seen from far away.
The artificial lake designed around the museum accommodates the outdoor exhibition of ship with layers of pathways and ramps on different level. They altogether has not only created an overwhelming and interesting landscape view from all corners but also boosted the concept Of a sampan Floating on water quite prominently.

Both indoor and outdoor exhibition have been given priorities. The structural system is of steel. Large atriums along with adequate double and triple height spaces accommodate the ships, ship models and boats. the unusual floor height and the maze of stairs and escalators add extra whimsical effect which will definitely attract the visitors. The wide openings on the elevations not only swarm the interior with sunlight but also give a astounding view of the sea one cannot but enjoy from such height.



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