Student’s Project- May 2019: Connecting Metro Rail Station with Urban Fabric





In my design I focused Urban Fabric to accommodate linkages to existing community amenities and activity Space, transport link and surrounding details, open space, function, economic and socio cultural aspects and reducing the negative impact on the environment.

The concept of my project is ‘Rythm of Life’. When one thinks of rhythm, one naturally visualizes prefect coordination in dancing, music in well-defined time, or the sweep of oars in a racing shell. These are just three instances of the innumerable expression of rhythm. Rhythm is usually associated with movement, yet that its only one phase, for one rhythm in colours. There is rhythm that can be felt, yet not seen or heard. I refer to that sense of harmony one feels or senses in certain environments or in association with certain types of people .

Mega City Dhaka has been suffering from its worst traffic congestion in the last two decades. Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) with accombination of train & bus, is suggested to be the most popular solution to support the masses of Dhaka. Remarkable change are expected to come in the urban life of Dhaka with the completion of ongoing Dhaka Metro rail project.


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