Student’s Project – September 2019: Integrated Tourism Resort & Entertainment village


Tourism has become one of the largest and fastest growing commercial and economic activities in recent years. The tourist arrival in Bangladesh having steady growth rate over last five years. It is almost certain now the growth of tourism will increase with other economic sector and it will harvest considerable amount of foreign currency. The facilities which are proposed in the project if implemented will accrue positive effects on tourism in the country.

As a short stopover destination, Integrated Tourism Resort & Entertainment village attracts around thousand visitor a day from everywhere but the tourist will not find a good place to stay and enjoy quality hygienic food here. A standard accommodation and good restaurant with quality food and service is a long-standing demand of the tourists visiting the place and staying in good environment. As, at present, the number of both the day visitor and over-night staying tourists is increasing manifolds.

At present, tourism is one of the most effective economic activities and has been recognize as an industry throughout the world contributing to employment opportunity foreign exchange earnings, skilled work force development and poverty alleviation.


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