Student’s Project – July 2019: Kakran Pottery Village


Design concept has been made based on the lifestyle of a potter and I have found his wheel and inspired by it, which is adjacent with his earning and the purpose of a potters life. I have decided to work with a circle shape and I thought it is the only shape to work with, which is more explainable and logical than any other.

Dhamrai Pottery Industry is one of the renowned pottery industries in Bangladesh. The history of Bangladeshi pottery is as ancient as it is illustrious, dating as far back as the Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilizations where earthenware was found after the excavation of Mohasthangarh in Bogra ( 300 BC). For generations, Dhamrai has been the house of pottery. But these traditional occupations are now in danger as those could not complete with modernization in course of time. Pottery is the art of earth ware making .The folk arts of the categories are now being used most tastefully in modern design. Pottery has now become a commercially successful product in Bangladesh. Clay pots are widely available in rural Bangladesh. Kumar’s sell their products at the weekly village bazaars or in roadside stalls.



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