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TDM Amateur: Lubna Yeasmin


On rainy mornings, when I step out of the house, my eyes fall straight towards the sky. Grey cloud standing alongside of an intense black piece of cloud at one side and at the other side lies a hazy white cloud. Despite of the depressed weather, the revived plants and trees due to rain and the grey-black clouds, somewhat creating a charming weather. Quickly I unlocked my phone and clicked some amazing pictures of the nature while walking towards my office.

Autumn, spring atmosphere is more alluring. Rain-water filled all around, plants and trees refreshed and revived. Above the head, in the heart of the blue sky, just like wool, moving a troop of white clouds. The glazing of the sun between the clouds making the atmosphere more pleasant. Instantly I captured some amazing moments through the lens of my mobile camera as it is difficult to capture a moment like this beautiful picturesque view as nature changes in every passing moment. Like this, I hold and share my delightful and beautiful moments. I suppose everyone does not get the opportunity to witness such wonderful views. Sunset while walking along the riverside, those vibrant and colorful boats, not only I hold these amazing scenario to my soul but also capture in my phone. Stepping out from the house to the office route or going out, I capture anything that fulfills my eye and soul.

At the corner of the room or at the grill of the veranda, my eyes stuck on looking at how artistically the little spider has web its home. I just feel like to capture that artistic web. Just like this I capture anything that strikes me. I am not a professional photographer and nor do I have an expensive camera. For that I may be not able to make breath taking photography, but that does not hamper my sense of vision at looking objects and the power to bring out extraordinary angles from an ordinary object. Some artificial graphics might bring special effect to the works of some photographer. It is possible to bring fine and precise image from an expensive camera, but when there is no eye-catching view around or might be due boredom of looking at the same unreal special effects photography, I strive to capture and convey nature and its real beauty.

To what I think, in creative works, advanced technology brings additional effects but using in greater amount it diminishes to convey the real beauty or message that the moment holds and merely makes that an ordinary photo. And for that, I believe, to have the vision and to feel the moment on that scenario is important and if you inherit that then without any advanced camera or extra arrangements, it is possible to capture wonderful moments of life within your afford and just using the lens of a mobile camera.

by: Lubna Yeasmin




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