Perfect Lighting: The Secret of Flawless Interior Design



Lighting is the key to a good interior design within your space, affecting not only the perceived size of the area but also changing the ambiance and the way of using the space. It JUNE sound dramatic, but lighting can either make or break an entire interior design.

There is more to excellent lighting than simply choosing pretty lampshades. Perfect lighting in your interior space offers perfect ambience and enhance your mood.
Let’s have some ideas about various types of lights and their use.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent Lights are widely used in our daily lives. The familiar and vastly used shapes of fluorescent lights involve a long narrow glass tube with electrical connections on the metal caps which seal the both ends of the tube. Apart from the long tubes, various other shapes are also available in the market. One can create direct, indirect or diffuse light in the interior by using fluorescent lights, keeping them open or invisible. Fluorescent lights are also used in various signboards.

Incandescent bulb

The incandescent bulb or lamp is a source of electric emission of light caused by heating the filament.
Incandescent bulbs have been in use for over 100 years and are the original form of electric lighting. Although, incandescent bulbs are classic inventions, they are quite expensive as they need more energy than other lights. However, small watt bulbs can be used for decorating dark spaces of restaurants or offices.

Halogen bulb

Halogen bulbs look like an incandescent bulb. Halogen gas is used in this light.
Halogen lights produce brighter and whiter lights and are slightly more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. The only drawback of halogen bulb is that it tends to be hot more often.

LED Light

The modern version of fluorescent light is LED which is more expensive and durable than fluorescent lights. A fluorescent bulb can burn up to 10,000 hours while a LED bulb can burn 60,000 hours. Also, LED lights expend less energy than fluorescent lights.

Neon light

Neon lights are becoming increasingly popular and certainly one of the emerging trends for stylish interior.Neon can be quite dramatic and exciting in an unexpected place like the bathroom or above a doorway. The placement will look more creative with running lettering vertically or horizontally. For maximum effect, spare the neon artwork some spaces. One can create a collage artwork by neon lights for more subtle and cohesive result in the space. It is important to remember that the main purpose of neon is not to light up, rather creating a dramatic atmosphere.


A spotlight is a lamp projecting a slender and intense beam of light directly on to a place or person.

Halogen Spotlight

It is very popular in restaurants interior. Halogen spotlight creates light-effects on the wall of restaurants. Usually, yellowish spotlights are used for restaurants. Also, large and colourful spotlights are used to create various shades on the wall. Various types of spotlights are used in dance stages and concerts.

Panel light

Panel lights are a type of lighting designed to replace conventional fluorescent ceiling lights. They are one of best lighting options for indoor settings as it provides adequate lights without exposing the source from outside. Panel lights are used in houses, shops and offices. It can also be used in restaurants. Panel lights come mostly in white colour.

Fancy Lights

The main purpose of the lights is to boost the decoration of a space. Various types of fancy lights are available in markets. These lights are usually hung from ceiling to different heights. These lights usually expend less energy and bring a different dimension to the interior. Many handmade fancy lights are available in our local markets.

Wall Mounted Lights

Wall mounted lights are widely used for houses. There are different designs and types of wall-mounted lights that are available in our country.

Strip Lights

To add a perfect mood to a room, it is necessary to opt for perfect light fixtures that can add a warm and cosy ambiance of the house.
Decorative lights help in enhancing one’s space and adding a perfect light to it. These lighting fixtures enhance the look of a home and add unique lighting mood.
Strip lights are basically LED Lights. These lights can be used to decorate walls, boundary walls and even an entire building. They can also be used on furniture like beds, TV cabinet or kitchen cabinet.

Table lamp

A good lighting design is a combination of task and ambient lighting. Table lamps are generally used to provide light for particular tasks such as reading, cooking, sewing, and performing works.

Modern table lamps, however, do not just light up the room; they also add to the appeal and charm of the place.

There are table lamps of different style, size, shape, colour, and finishes available in markets. There is no ideal design for table lamps as the choice depends on the user’s taste and personal preference. The style of the table lamp, however, should match the interior home décor.

The shape of lamp is another consideration when buying a lamp. There are table lamps with abstract, conical, cylindrical, dome, drum, globe, multipoint, rectangle, round, and square shapes.


Placing lantern at different corners of restaurants can enhance the look of the interior. Using different colours of lantern can add an artistic ambiance to a space.


Candles as home decor accessories are a simple way to transform a simple space to something else. Aside from adding pleasant lights to your home, decorating with candles can be a superb way to spruce up your interior design.

If your apartment is devoid of natural light, candles are the best way to simulate the feel of it. Table candle decorations can do this easily.

Sometimes a single candle can make a significant difference in a dull room. If you know how to decorate a room with candles, you will find your home has more space for natural lighting.
Scented candles, these days, have become an indispensable part of interior design styles. The candles decorate your personal space by their scent, by their look and finally, by their arrangements. Candles are something that has the power to transform a living space to open space and make it bigger and creates a comfortable and idyllic atmosphere.

Written By : Tasnia Rahman


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