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Things to consider: when buying furniture


Furniture is something that completes a house. It has become an utmost necessity of daily life and the most crucial part of designing an interior space. Furniture of various ranges, varieties and designs are available in domestic market.

Furniture makes one’s life easier. The presence of furniture gives a relief of mind through its utility and styling.

In the following article, we will be discussing about the aspects that we should consider before buying furniture.


The most important thing to consider while buying a bed is its size. There are three sizes of bed available in market, single, double and semi-double.

Double size beds are generally for families while single people mostly use single and semi double beds.

While buying bed, its length and width should be kept in mind.

Apart from sizes, there are varieties in materials as well. There are beds made of wood, boards and steel available in domestic market. Among them, wooden beds are more durable.

There are two types of beds regarding their design- modern and antique or beds with curved designs.

The design of the bed in a room must be selected as per the designs of other furniture in the room.  A buyer needs to check whether or not the joints of wood column are neatly sealed or if the bed is made of woods with too many joints.

While buying board-made beds, its veneer’s joints should be thoroughly checked to find if they are combined together well and whether or not they are torn anywhere. There are also compartments in some box-style beds for using as storage.


Nowadays, adjustable chair is being used widely and they are trendy as well. Revolving chairs are usually made of steel and have wheels so that they can be moved easily. While buying these chairs, one should always check whether the wheels are strong enough. In our country, we can find imported chairs at most of the furniture shops. The shops offer warranties for the chairs. They repair it for free if the product breaks.


When buying chairs, it should be always checked if they are following the right ergonomics which means the position of back after sitting on a chair. It should be considered if the back is in right position and if the user has to lean while sitting. Last but not the least; comfort should always be the first priority when it comes to buying chairs.


Tables can be made of wood or board. The height should be kept in mind while buying tables. Height of a table determines the comfort of its user.

If the table is made of boards, it should be laminated. Otherwise, the board can swell when it comes in contact with water. Applying duco paint on the board makes it waterproof and attractive. The space of a table is very important as it is used not only for studying but to keep books and other stuffs on it as well. Also, a footrest at the bottom will add extra comforts to the user.


Wardrobes are bigger and heavier than any other furniture. One has to consider the room space while buying a wardrobe. The colour and texture of wardrobe should be suitable to the room. Having bigger space in a wardrobe is important to store more clothes. Wardrobe should have locks for safety of the stuffs. There are some wardrobes fitted with mirrors that work as dressing tables.



Bookshelves are usually made of wood or boards. They have glass sliders to protect the books from dust. Sliders can have locks as well. The height of the bookshelf should be well thought-out so that it can be user friendly and easy to reach.



Sofa sets are usually more expensive than other furniture. Other furniture, even the curtains in a house are bought by matching with the Sofa set. Like other furniture, sofa set can be made of wood, board and steel. Wooden sofas are vastly used in our country. Besides, the woods used to build Sofa, are costly to some extent. The user must check if there are too many joints while buying a sofa.


One should be careful while selecting the colour of the cushions for sofa. Dusts and stains are easily noticed on a white cushion. The seat of the Sofa can be made of clothes, rexine, leather or materials that are mixture of rexine with leather. Leather covers are easy to clean. There are two types of sofa sets- modern and antique. Besides, there are bamboo-made sofas that are quite popular nowadays.

Dining Table

The size of a dining table is very important. Beside sizes, it is also important to select the materials. The body of tables are usually made of glass, wood or marble. If the table is made of wood or board, Formica is applied on top of that to increase its durability. The shape of the table – round or square- depends on the size and space of the dining room.


TV Cabinet

There were times when many people keep their Televisions on other furniture like wardrobes, showcases or tables. However, the trend has changed now. One can see TV cabinet at the drawing room of every house. TV Cabinets are usually made of boards and woods. One should check if the cabinet has enough space and compartments to accommodate the devices like DVD players, remotes, sound systems and so on accompanied with the TV.  TV Cabinets come in small, medium and large sizes. The user will select a cabinet according to the television size. Some Cabinets are attached to the wall and some of them are movable. If the Cabinet has glass sliders, the quality of the glass should be checked as well.

Dressing Table

Dressing tables have become essential bedroom furniture over times. The height of the mirror along with the overall size has to be taken into consideration while buying a dressing table.   A dressing table with smaller mirror has more storage space than the one with bigger mirror. The quality of the glass in a dressing table mirror matters a lot. So it should be checked before buying one.

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are smart storage system for modern kitchens. How comfortable a kitchen will be, depends on the placement of its kitchen cabinets. A Kitchen Cabinet can be installed on the wall or on the ground of a kitchen. The ergonomics of the cabinet, if fitted in a lower position, should be checked. The cabinets should not be too high to reach, if it is installed on the wall. The cabinets should be designed in a way that the user finds them comfortable and easy to use. Kitchen Cabinets can be made of Woods or boards. The boards have to be laminated as it increases their durability.



Written by: Tasmiah Choudhury


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