Vehicle Design: by Nitia Tasnim


The quest to achieve the unthinkable has become a habit of human race. Even if we think about the era of stone, we cannot imagine such a picture in our mind where we give relax to our feet and find convenience using various transport to go distant places. We are moving forward to transport ourselves to places at fast speed with comfort and safety over time. From the invention of first wheel in ancient time to mass market car to bullet trains to aeroplane, we have passed a long path in the development of features and mode of transportation.

There’s a slow evolution in this transportation system through time with the fastest changing technology. When we look at before 3000 BC, there is evidence of camel pulled wheeled vehicles, log boat made from reed and tar. Wheeled vehicles were pulled by men and animals in groove in limestone. In the 1780s, a Russian man named Ivan Kulibin

developed a hu man ped al, three wheeled carriage with some modern features such as a flywheel, brake, gear box and bearings in Russia. There were also balloon vehicle, steam powered road vehicle etc. In 19th century, to make use of the two wheeler principle, horses were the first human means of transportation. In 1903, a history was created. Weight brothers flew the first controlled powered aircraft. In the year of 1969, a big step was stepped in mankind along with the help of landing the first manned vehicle, Apollo Program. That is one of the big achievement of our history in mankind.

The 1980s is best described as an era of dashing cars with extraordinary, unique features, edgy in design. The following description of cars from the 80s that in any way are better than cars in 2019.

The Callaway Sledgehammer earned the honor of being listed am ong the fastest cars in the world for a long time with its top speed of 255 mph. The Ferrari F40 is one of the greatest cars ever which attract the car lovers with its carbon fiber feature and mid-size engine. In that time, the Ferrari was considered the most expensive and the most powerful as well as the fastest of all. Porsche 959 was initially designed as racing car while the Buick GNX succeeded to previous muscle cars because of its stunning performance.

If we give a look at the Jeep Cherokee, we’ll find it suitable and designed for heavy carrying and handy jobs. The Lincoln Mark VI, the Audi Quattro, the Lexus LS400 and the Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS boasted with their high durability, reliability, an integrated bumper and different front fascia. On the other hand, when we compare the cars of two different time, we can see that today’s cars are more enriched with the features of android auto, heated steering wheel, automatic high beams, automatic emergency breaking, push button start, adaptive cruise control, push button start, passive entry and so on. In today’s vehicles, six types of fuels are used and they are gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum, ethanol, compressed natural gas and bio-diesel. As the world is continuously changing day by day, technology gets also improved. To balance with the storage of fuels, it appeared that there is no effective alternative to convenient fossil fuels and so the electric vehicles and also hydro fuel vehicles impacts a positive effect. Electric cars are plugin automobile made up of using one and more electric motors. The future of transportation is just a stone’s throw away from our imagination. There’s much more wonder left for us. With every leap of time, we wish to see more wonder in transportation along with the development of technology and science.


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