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Creative Wedding Planner and Event Management is one of the respected and coveted event planning company based in Dhaka. Meticulous luxury details are created here to deliver the most spectacular and extraordinary innovative social and corporate events. The company was founded in 1995 and is celebrating 23 years of experience in the events industry.

The managing director of the company, Md Rahmatullah Popel, in a recent interview, has talked about the farm.

Excerpts of his interview are as follows:


When did you start the company?

Well, I took over my father’s business in 2010. He started it 23 years ago. It was just a decor company at the time.

In 2010, we upgraded the farm to a modern wedding planner and event management company.

What triggered you to upgrade the old one?

As I said, it was our family business. We had to upgrade it in order to keep pace with the time.

The trend in event management and planning industry is constantly changing all over the world. We are no different. In fact, we follow many global companies and try to understand their way of doing event planning business.

Basically, we try to introduce events of international standard in Bangladesh.

What services do you and your farm provide?

In fact we provide anything and everything for an event. Our service includes everything like decoration, photography, catering and many more.


Do you organise any other events apart from wedding?

Yes we do. Besides wedding we organise corporate events. We provide our services to a number of corporate offices and foreign companies.

Also, we arrange events for government departments. Those government events are mostly various types of annual programmes.

We are expanding our business area and planning to arrange other social events such as birthday parties and naming ceremonies.

Please tell us how do you set the prices for various events?

Actually, it depends on the clients. The clients tell us their requirements and we arrange it accordingly.

See, a stage can be built at Tk 5 million and also at only Tk 20,000 at the same time. It entirely depends on the props used for building the stage.

We offer packages of different price ranges according to clients’ choices.

When is the peak season for events?

It starts from the first Week of December and continues till mid-March.

Who designs for you?

My younger brother, who is a computer engineer, makes the designs usually.

We sit with our clients before any event and share our ideas with them. Thus we try to understand our clients’ taste. We recommend them a list of possible designs at the time. We also show them pictures of designs.

We shortlist some pictures and give them to the clients. They then make the final selection of the design for their desired event.

What are the scopes for event planning in our country?

I think there are many opportunities for event planning in our country.  If one can present something with artistry and creativity, it will definitely attract people.

In Europe and America, the wedding ceremonies are generally very simple in terms of celebrations. I have a restaurant in France. We arrange wedding parties there. One can hardly find more than 30 guests at such parties.

The picture is, however, different in this region. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan have their big-fat wedding parties.

Even, the middle-class families also arrange dazzling events according to their budgets.

What is your future plan?

Our main concern for now is to improve segment-wise services. Sometimes we collect materials and props from China, Thailand, and India. We are very sincere at our work. Our main motto is to reach larger cities including maximum number of districts across the country.

We have well organised team for every different section. For instance, some groups work on our stage decoration while the cork sheet team do their part of works.

We have 2-3 permanent workers while others are hired on temporary basis. We have to hire 100 to 200 workers for a bigger event.


bySumaiya Azad


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