Wood in Design – by Nitia Tasnim


Wood is the oldest renewable resource used in interior designs and in structures. Naturally, people are always interested in moderate, reasonable and comparatively beautiful design for their living environment. Wood is the best choice from all those aspects. It is a versatile material and is used time and again in interior designs since the beginning of human civilisation. Wood is used as both traditional and modern design material.

With its variety of textures, patterns, grain patterns and colours, wood can be the excellent choice of elegance and beauty. Wood has been used in construction for ages and its long life and beauty ensure that it will remain as designers’ favorite in the architectural and interior design.


Oak wood

Oak wood is ideal for modern and flooring ideas. Its resistance and durability make it ideal for interior décor. Oak wood comes in white and red naturally. It has a unique and beautiful grain pattern.

Pine wood

Pine wood is budget friendly and is preferred in interior design as it is cheaper than other wood materials. It brings a warm and relaxed impression to the design and the sweet scent lasts for longer.

Cherry wood

Cherry wood is excellent for luxurious interior design and decoration. Cherry wood is expensive but its fantastic look and dark colour are worth the costs.

Walnut wood

walnut wood comes in different shades depending on geographical locations. It is ideal for flooring and furniture as the wood does not expand or shrink in normal weather.

Teak wood

This hardwood comes in shades like green, yellow and brown. It generally is used for doors, windows and both for indoor and outdoor furniture.

Alder wood

Alder wood is a very common wood for furniture and interior designs. The golden tone reflects light in the room inspiring comfort and peace.

Maple wood

Maple wood may be both soft and hard. It is used for flooring, furniture and panelled walls. It is cheaper than many other wood materials.

Various uses of wood in interiors

Wood has its diverse uses. It is used in interiors as surface for walls, ceilings and floors. Walls covered with wood are more versatile and are not limited to rustic-themed interiors. Wood is widely used for doors, windows, shutters and screens. Beautiful arches and partitions are also crafted out of wood. Wood is also used to make beautiful staircases, counters and cabinets. Special coating for the wooden counters ensures durability and enhanced beauty. Wood is used for many art installations, sculptures and statues.

Benefits of using wood

Wood constructions are easy and quick to build. This is especially applicable in harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow. Wood framed houses enable easy modifications during and after the building process.

Wood has become a popular choice of designs and buildings because of its versatile and cost effective features. Wood products are handy in terms of their sizes and they are easy to move from one place to another. Wood can be carved, milled or lathed into very intricate elements whenever needed. Wood may not act as a perfect insulator but it prevents echoes from bouncing around the room by absorbing sound waves. Wood is also used in many concert halls around the world as it naturally dampens sound.


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